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A training guide for skiing and snowboarding

Whether you’re bombing groomers, jibbing in the park, or charging gnarly backcountry couloirs, skiing and snowboarding can be approached and enjoyed in many ways for any skill level. At a …

How to train as a cyclist – Road, Dirt, and Street

Injury Guides

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Exercises to avoid snowboarding and skiing injuries

It’s no secret that Skiing and Snowboarding can be dangerous activities. Wiping out hard can lead to all kinds of injuries at the knees and ankles and even the shoulders …

Exercises to avoid biking injuries

5 Fundamental steps to manage muscle pain

Exercise science

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What is a Styku scan and how can it help you track your progress?

Benefitting from exercise requires discipline and consistency. Often one of the biggest hurdles people face is holding themselves accountable. It’s important to track your progress and ensure you are improving. …

What are energy systems?

Stretching: We don’t know enough.

Reps, sets, and changing it up in exercise.

Tips and tools

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The Belt Squat – a great squat alternative for strength and recovery

Squatting is one of the most basic and essential movements for health and longevity. There are many squat variations that can be utilized if muscle imbalances or injuries prevent you …

A unique machine for hand, wrist, and elbow function.

Muscle imbalances at the hand, wrist, and elbow are very common in today’s society. It’s difficult to avoid dysfunction as many factors contribute to overuse injuries such as tendinitis. Sitting …

5 cool landmine accessories

Once you begin with the landmine you might want to switch it up and add some landmine accessories. There are many fun attachments made for the landmine that make it …

Exercises for a home gym on a budget part 2

It’s easy to find versatile cheap equipment to use at home on a budget. A set of resistance bands and a bionic bar can be enough to target every muscle …

5 awesome landmine exercises

(Rough draft for clients, placeholder pics) The landmine is a cheap, easy, space-conscious tool that can add variety to your training. Whether you anchor your landmine in a weight plate, …